How to Speed Up (Increase Speed) Time in Unity

How to Increase Speed in your game?

This tutorial can be helpful if you want to create boosters which increase for example the character speed.

All you need to write if you want to increase the speed in your game is this one line of code:

Time.timeScale = 2f;

As you see the value is two, which means the speed will be doubled. You can use any other value. It depends on you how you want your game to react. But remember! The value can’t be lower than 1! If you use as value for example “0.5” the speed will decrease.

In my code it is upon the collision with the Red Timer object.

public float speedUp = 2.5f;

//public variable at the beginning of the code 

if (col.gameObject.tag == "SpeedUp") {
      Time.timeScale = speedUp;

If you want your Time effect last only for 5 seconds you can use Coroutines and function called WaitForSeconds(5f);

if (col.gameObject.tag == "SpeedUp") {
    StartCoroutine( FiveSecondsCooldown());

We just simply call this function using Coroutine.

public IEnumerator FiveSecondsCooldown() {
  Time.timeScale = 2.5f;
  yield return new WaitForSeconds(5f); // 
  Time.timeScale = 1;

As you see. The Time.timeScale value has changed to 2.5, than after 5 seconds went back to normal value, which is 1.

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