How to create a simple countdown Timer in Unity

How to make a timer (countdown Clock from 60) as you see in the GIF below:

First you need to create a new Object on the canvas. Choose from the Menu:

GameObject -> UI ->Text

Than remove the “New Text” from the Inspector where the window is labeled “Text”. If you want you can change the size of the font in Inspector by changing the value “Font Size”.

To your object in Unity add a new script called: “Countdown”.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Threading;

public class CountDown : MonoBehaviour {

  public int timeLeft = 60; //Seconds Overall
  public Text countdown; //UI Text Object

  void Start () {
    Time.timeScale = 1; //Just making sure that the timeScale is right

  void Update () {
    countdown.text = ("" + timeLeft); //Showing the Score on the Canvas

  //Simple Coroutine
  IEnumerator LoseTime()
    while (true) {
      yield return new WaitForSeconds (1);


Don’t forget to add the Text object to our script too!


You can change the Font too. In the gif example we used different one, than the standard Arial font.

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5 thoughts on “How to create a simple countdown Timer in Unity”

  1. Northernlightifly

    Thank you this helped! I was wondering once the timer countdown goes down to 0 do you get game over?

  2. Hi!

    The text doesn’t show up when I actually run the game, however when I run the game and check the editor I see the text counting down. Any idea whats wrong?

  3. I’m having an issue where the timer is counting down, but when the timer script is run, the scene in the background resumes. This is a problem because the background of the timer canvas is supposed to stop when I set the timeScale to 0, but since the code above sets timeScale to 1, the canvas in the background resumes to run…

    Any ideas on how to make sure the canvas in the background pauses, but to make sure the timer still runs?

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