How to enable Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine

There has been released new version of Unreal Engine 4.22.0 Preview, and with it there has been added support for Ray Tracing.

So if you have got Nvidia RTX card, you can start using it in your own games!

To enable Ray Tracing in your Unreal project go to:

Edit -> Project Settings -> and Under the “Engine” label select -> Rendering

There is the possiblity that you can’t enable it.

Because to use Raytracing you need to check the “Support Compute Skincache” checkbox.

You can find it in the same tab under “Optimizations”

After the checkbox is checked, you are able check the Raytracing option.

That’s all.

Happy Rendering ๐Ÿ™‚


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Esther Jiao

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